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Vehicle Safety Inspection in Oakland

We Ensure the Safety of Your Vehicle

We Ensure the Safety of Your Vehicle

Inspections for All Makes & Models
At Import Motors, it is well known that we specialize in the repair of Audi, MINI, BMW, and Mercedes models. However, when it comes to ensuring the safety of you and your family, we offer a comprehensive 34-point inspection for all import makes of cars and SUVs. So, if you need a safety inspection in Oakland, make sure to bring your vehicle to our shop! Our technicians are ASE Certified and have the latest diagnostics and tools to properly evaluate the condition of your vehicle.

Our 34 Point Safety Inspection Examines:

  • Tire Condition / Front
  • Tire Condition / Rear
  • Checking Alignment (2 & 4 wheel) With Newest Laser Technology
  • Steering / Suspension Components
  • Rack & Pinion, Pump, Hoses & Fluid
  • Front Brake Linings
  • Rear Brake Linings
  • Brake Hydraulic System & Fluid
  • Rotors (Measured if pads low)
  • Axle Shafts & Boots / U-Joints
  • Condition of Front Struts/Shocks
  • Condition of Rear Struts /Shocks
  • Condition of Exhaust System
  • Engine or Transmission Leaks
  • Rear Differential Fluid or Leaks
  • Condition of Fan Belts & Adjustment
  • Central Locking System
  • Window and Sunroof Operation
  • Condition of Trans Fluid
  • Condition of Coolant Sample
  • Condition of Radiator & Hoses
  • Condition of Heater Hoses
  • Condition of Battery, Terminals, and Cables
  • Condition of Malfunction Indicator Lights
  • Condition of Fuel Hoses
  • Condition of Engine Oil
  • Headlights & Adjustment
  • Lights (brake, tail, turn signals, etc.)
  • Condition of Wiper Blades
  • Factory Scheduled Maintenance
  • Heater, A/C Operation
  • Drivetrain Mounts / Disks
  • Parking Brake Operation
  • Switch Operations

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